Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shopping In Rajasthan

Rajasthan's Terracotta tradition, dating back to the indua Valley Civilization, continues today in all parts of Rajasthan.
Terracotta has an old tradition in Rajasthan. Even today in many of the villages women still cook in terracotta pots over wood fires. Terracotta and clay pots are normally used for the storage of water as the slow evaporation through the porous clay helps in eliminating the surrounding heat and thus keeps the water cool even in the hottest temperature of Rajasthan. However once the pores are filled with the deposits the effect of cooling is less effective and a new earthen pot is needed in next summer. This is one of the example how a village economy keeps working. Terracotta earthen pots are available in different sizes and some times with white colorful designs on it to make it more beautiful. In almost all the villages the traditions of making and using clay pottery can be seen. However artists of Udaipur have developed this culture into a fine art. In Udaipur Potters are using the clay not only to create just pots but also objects of art such as warriors fighting on horses, elephants with the soldiers being just some of the examples.
Terracotta is also used to make figures of religious scenes as well as historic ones. The only biggest obstacle has been for Terracotta that the transportation needs a lot of care. As material, Terracotta is fragile being the original material clay. However the Terracotta lovers find their way with the help of wooden trunks to carry them safely even far away to distant countries. This all seems to be worth once a Terracotta article is allotted its final place in a living room.

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