Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rajasthan Temples Tour

Ossian Jain Temple, Jodhpur
Jain temples belong to 8th and 11th century. Surya (Sun) temple and the Sachiya Mata temple are famous for their beauty. Similarly, all the other temples are famous for one thing or the other.
There are approximately 15 Ossian Jain temples near Jodhpur. The most fascinating one of the Jain Osiyan temples in Rajasthan is the Mahavira temple. It is dedicated to the last (24th) Jain Prophet. The main temple was constructed around 775 A.D. And till about 15th century, the other smaller shrines were being added to the main complex.
Ossian holds a great significance for the Jain community. This is so because the Oswal Jains (a rich trading community) came from Ossian. Thus, deriving their name from this town. It is because of the donations of these Oswals only that so many temples were constructed. Even their upkeep was possible because of due participation of Oswals.
The entrance to the temple complex has carvings of beautiful maidens on it. The roof is also beautifully decorated. The terrace on which the temple stands is built up of sandstone. The main Mahavira temple has an inner sanctum and three balconied windows. The main porch of the temple has beautifully ornate pillars. And the second porch, which was later added on, has more stylish construction. The other Jain temples are quite smaller and are uniform to some an extent. Only little differentiation can be seen among them.

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