Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sports Of Rajasthan

Wooden Bats
The maple and ash that is used to create Diablo Bats is harvested in the richest hardwood. forests of the northeast. The hard maple comes from as far north as Canada, and the ash wood comes from as far east as Maine.
Welcome to Viper Bat Company, where the finest maple and ash bats are created. We make precision quality wood baseball bats for all levels of play. All our bats are hand crafted, using the latest technology available.
Northern White Ash and Canadian Rock Maple (Sugar Maple) bats are our specialty. We start with the finest quality wood from New York and Pennsylvania. All our bats are made to industry standards, with more than 20 models to choose from. We also do custom bats. Be sure to check out our pro model section for the models you see in the big leagues. When you buy a Viper Bat you’re getting the same quality as those used by the majors.
Bamboo. Yes, We have bamboo bats in our line! These models are very popular, and very durable. Bamboo bats have lots of pop and will impress even the best hitters.
We can trace any gamer that is cracked as long as it is in one piece. There is a six bat minimum for this service.
We provide volume pricing. Baseball teams and leagues call or email us with your requirements. We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

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