Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rajasthani Jewelry

Leather Jewellery
Ranging from the exquisite to outrageous styles, the fashion jewellery reflects unlimited potential as an expression of the personality of the wearer.
They are relatively low cost items as they are produced from scraps. The fringe was considered as adding an accessory to an outfit. They are generally accompanied with some type of quill or beadwork. Cowhide leather is least expensive; deer hide is more expensive; moose hide is the most expensive. Elk hide can range between moose and deer in cost. Quality dyed leather is very expensive. Smoked tan hide is more expensive than factory hides as the smoking and tanning process is 100% hand done. Factory hides follow a manufacturing process. Each design starts from a flat piece of leather and is cut, shaped and glued until it forms a unique piece of jewellery. To get a three dimensional look different techniques such a s cutting leather, using leather punches, building up layers, rolling and covering wire with leather is used. Leather jewellery range comprises all types of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and broaches, which are finished with high quality sterling silver fittings.
Fashion jewelry uses various forms of leather like hard leather and soft leather. It can be dyed, embossed, painted, perforated and carved. The leather used for making jewelry is generally in the form of threads, strips, covers and belts.

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