Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rajasthani Jewelry

Back Line Jewellery
Surgical grade, hypo allergenic stainless steel jewelry marked with laser engraving for very clear, easy-to-read black writing. Available in 2 sizes.
Since its introduction Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) has become widely used to deposit wear resistant, thin film coatings onto medical devices. The main value in PVD technology rests in the ability to modify the surface properties of a device without changing the underlying materials properties and biomechanical functionality. Wildcat is now using this advanced technology as a surface enhancement on medical grade titanium jewellery.
The surface coating is tremendously adhesive to the substrate, is conformal and pinhole free, is an excellent permeation barrier, and is sterile on preparation. Without exception it has been confirmed the appropriateness of the special formula and its specific surface treatment for body piercing jewellery.
Wildcat Blackline body jewellery exists in a class of its own. All Blackline body Jewellery involves the PVD coating applied to a G23 medical titanium substrate, the adhesion is tremendous. Blackline body jewellery also possesses an extremely low coefficient of friction and a micro smoothed surface texture. Blackline is further resistant to autoclave-induced corrosion, and is compatible with steam and chemical sterilization treatments.

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