Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Excursion of Jodhpur

Osian has the ruins of 16 jains and hindu temples built between the 8th and 11th centuries located 65 km away from the Jodhpur.

Nagaur lies about midway between Jodhpur and Jodhpur. The city of Nagaur dates back to the 4th century AD. and was at the center of Muslims invasions from Central Asia. Its famous for an old fort and palace with beautiful murals of lores and legends, legend Nagaur 135 km away from Jodhpur. an annual cattle fair held here in month of January is rated as one of the best in asia.

Balsamund Lake & Palace
Built in 1159, this lake and garden complex lies about 7km from Jodhpur. A palace constructed in 1936,looms over the lake. Now the lake has been converted in to a public park and a bird sanctuary. Now the area is famous for a picnic spot.

Toword the north of Jaipur is an ancient capital of Marwar. Its just 8 km away from the city. The main attraction of the place are the Hall of heroes which has sixteen huge figures which have been carved out of a single rock. The Hall of Heroes contains 15 figures carved out of a rock wall. The vividly painted figures represent Hindu deities or local heroes on horseback. The Shrine of 33 crore Gods, is painted with figures of gods, spirits and divinities. Regular buses run to Mandore from Jodhpur.

Guda Bishnoi
These are immaculately kept settlements of the bishnoi community staunch believers in the sanctity of plant and animal life.

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