Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Delhi HC hears Bhawani Singh plea in gold case

JAIPUR: The Delhi High Court on Monday heard the plea of former maharaja of Jaipur, Brig Bhawani Singh (retd), who is seeking the return of over 800kg gold confiscated by the government in 1975.
The Jaipur royals are fighting a case to get 800kg gold back from the government which they plead belongs to them and are also contesting a Rs 80 lakh fine imposed by the income-tax department under the Gold Control Act, 1968.
Bhawani Singh's counsel said it was wrong on the part of the I-T department to levy a tax on the gold which was inherited by Singh. "The source of gold was explained to them...only thing was that Bhawani Singh has no acknowledgment of the gold," said the counsel.
The counsel further added that the fine of Rs 80 lakh imposed by the government was illegal. To this, justice S Muralidhar said, "You are simply disputing Rs 80 lakh ... what would be the value of gold (895 kg) when you would get it ...it's phenomenal."
While Bhawani Singh in his plea has said that the gold was inherited through his family, some of the royal family members requested the court to adjourn the matter sine die, contending it may affect the outcome of some cases pertaining to their succession dispute.
To this, Justice Muralidhar said, "...it would simply go back to your estate. It would be kept there till the dispute is settled." The second hearing is on Tuesday.

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