Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tourists Attractions In Rajasthan

Patwon Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer
This five stories high mansion is exquisitely carved and is adorned with beautiful paintings and mirror work on the inside.
The beautiful havelis which were built by wealthy merchants of Jaisalmer is yet another interesting aspect of Jaisalmer. Manak Chowk is the main market place outside the Jaisalmer Fort. Manak Chowk forms the gateway to visit the beautiful havelis of the famous Jain merchants of medieval time like Nathmalji ki Haveli, Patwon ki Haveli and Salim Singh ki Haveli.
Patwon ki Haveli is the largest and most elaborate haveli in Jaisalmer which stands in a narrow lane. This five-storeyed building is extensively carved and is known for its jharokhas (balconies). In the early 19th century, the family of Ghuman Chand Patwa, an extremely rich patwa (trader of brocades and expensive embroidery) began construction of this haveli. The construction of this haveli was undertaken by two architect brothers. This construction took about half a century.
While one brother concentrated on the construction in the right side of the haveli, while the other concentrated on construction in the left side of the haveli. As such this haveli is constructed in a symmetrical manner.
Patwon ki Haveli is divided into six apartments out of which two are owned by Archaeological Survey of India, two are owned by families who operate craft shops and two are the private homes. There are remnants of miniature paintings on some of the inside walls as well as some mirror work. Mighty tuskers carved out of yellow sandstone stand as guards to the haveli.

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