Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sports Of Rajasthan

Kabaddi is an Indian game which requires both power and skill for its play. It was known by various names in various places.
Kabaddi is an Asian team sport of indeterminate origin, played extensively in the Indian subcontinent and Japan with some variation. Although it is believed to be more than four thousand years old, it has yet to establish itself as an international sport, being confined as it has been mostly to Asia.
The sport is played between two teams of twelve players each. Seven players begin the game for each team, and five players act as reserves. The kabaddi court measures 12.50 meters by 10 meters, divided by a line into two halves.
Each team has to initiate moves of offense and defense alternately. The team who wins the toss sends into the opponents' area a "raider" who, while chanting "kabaddi-kabaddi" tries to touch any or all of the seven opponents. Those opponents who are touched by the raider are out of the game. The opponents try to capture the raider until the raider is out of breath and can no longer chant "kabaddi-kabaddi." Points are awarded on the basis of opponents touched or raiders captured. The team scoring the most points within the scheduled time (a total of forty minutes of playing time with a five-minute break) wins. Because of its low cost and rugged skills, kabaddi is a popular sport among the rural masses in Asia.

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