Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shopping In Rajasthan

A Durrie is a cool, light rug. Rajasthani durries are smooth and closely woven. Pastel shades and a sparse use of geometrical motifs are popular. Durrie weaving is also a craft special to Rajasthan.
The Durrie is kind of thin and simple woven carpets which were earlier used as a supporting material under big and thick carpets in the royal houses. Common people used them under their beds to keep them warm during the winter. For big gathering as in the villages and small town, whole community is invited at occasion of birth, death or any family festival and it would not be possible to have such big carpets as this would be very expensive for normal people, so they used Durries (or darris). There has been revival of this art as more people can afford it and this has resulted in a large colorful varieties.In many villages of Rajasthan you may find a large number of Houses where the durrie are woven on the loom in vibrant designs and motifs. A Durrie can be as simple as in a single colour only with a contrasting border. On the other hand due to demand there are some durries with geometric motifs and floral patterns in a mix of contrasting colours.
Durries are also available in different sizes. In places such as Bikaner and Jaisalmer, where in winters the temperatures can dip very low, woolen durries are also woeven. In Bikaner camel hairs are also used to make Durries which under the mattress keep your bed warm in the chilling winters of the desert.

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