Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shopping In Rajasthan

The choices is so varied that it is difficult to choose, whether it's the desert carvan with tiny camels, or Lord Krishna playing the flute in a divine mood, or nymphs in aesthetic dance poses.
The metalware comprises of artistic brassware, enamelled, engraved and filigreed cut work on silver. Apart from jewellery, the silversmiths make beautiful boxes, trays small statues of Krishna, Ganesh, and ornamenta! birds, horses and elephants, enamelled as well as plain. Traditional silver articles like handas, spice bottles and baskets command sizeable export markets. Highly ornamented hilts and scabbards of swords and daggers are also crafted.
Brass enamelling is an art-form in itself with three different styles - chikan. maron and bictii. each with its own repertoire of traditional motifs and designs.
Jaipur also has a tradition of brass sculptures, well finished and polished to a shine. Vivid enamel is also used to highlight the engraving on beaten brassware.
Koftagari or damascene work is mostly practiced in Alwar and Jaipur. In this, one metal is encrusted into another in the form of inlaid wiring. Popular articles include swords, daggers, paper knives and shields.
Wood-sometimes plain often painted- is used to make everything from furniture to artefacts.While the furniture ranges from the made-as old that is such a range all over the world, its contemporary variants include chairs with painted backs, camel-hide stools, marble-top tables and carved cabinets.
Artefacts include a range of animal -horses ,elephants, parrots- that are beautifully painted as well as boxes, chests snuff boxes and other interesting paraphernalia including dancing figurines and dwarpals or guardians of the doors.

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