Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rajasthani Music

The Nagara is a conical drum played with the Surnai and Nafeeri (the two sticks). It forms part of the orchestra for the folk operas by providing rhythm.
Nagara is one of the most oldest instrument, used since, from the times king and queen. In those times it was used for announcing major declarations and decisions from the royal families. Nagara is massive instrument, and it can be described as the pair of hemispherical bowl, which is mostly seen in two sizes, the bigger made up of copper and the smaller one is of iron, with buffalo and camel hides mounted on them respectively, kept in position with leather straps. The bigger bowl is set at low pitch and the smaller at a very high one. Keeping the larger to the left, the drums are played with two sticks. It is capable of producing a variety of rhythms, deep and thunderous, to give company to massive community dances like raasmandal and ghoomar.

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