Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rajasthani Music

Ghoongharoo is an instrument made of small round hollow metal balls with a pebble inside. Khartal is mostly used in devotional singing.
Manjeera is a pair of concave cymbals, cast in an alloy of brass, copper and zinc and connected to each other with a cotton cord passing through the holes in their centre. Manjeera produces a rhythmic tinkling sounds, when clanged against the tapered edges of each other. The sound of Manjeera clashing varies, depending upon the size, weight and the proportions of metals in the alloy. A virtuoso performer can produce nuances by striking at different points of one, with the rim of other. An interesting use of the instrument is made by the performers of the teratali, when as many as thirteen cymbals are put in action for the visitors.

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