Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rajasthani Jewelry

Wooden Jewellery
we design and handcraft jewelry and hair accessories using laminated wood in a variety of color combinations. Utilizing quality jewelry findings, gemstones and French-made clips, we create lightweight, durable and unique pieces of wearable art. fashion jewelry made of wood is renowned for its elegant and natural looks. Different textures of wood are artistically used to carve out a wide range of exquisite pieces manufactured in myriad designs and patterns. The jewelry items have natural wood color and are often artificially colored. They can be custom made to suit varied specifications and have hence been very popular items of ornamentation. While designing exquisite fashion jewelry, proper attention is given to detail, color and design that makes the jewelry items highly sought after by the buyers worldwide.
Wood is seasoned either artificially or naturally to ensure longevity and the RH factor plays a vital role in this process. Natural seasoning involves wetting the wood and artificial seasoning involves keeping it in controlled environment. Wood can be classified into:
Softwood - that includes Mango, Poplar, Cheed, Haldu and Kadam and Hardwood - that includes Sheesham, Rosewood, Ebony and Teak. Their further sub category is as per the natural texture or the grain of the wood. Teak is said to have grain and Mango, Poplar, Haldu and Kadam are without grain. Natural wood color varies from dark shades as in Rosewood, Ebony & Tun and light shades as in Poplar and Kanju.
Wood jewelry looks stunning with various finishes that bring about an appealing look. Some of them are available in polished form and few are unpolished. Beautifully painted, dyed, carved, inlayed, perforated and polished to add sheen to them by various techniques, jewelry made out of wood is widely manufactured by artisans and exported to various countries.

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