Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rajasthan Travel Information

Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation
One of the numerous RTDC facilities available throughout the colourful state. You can experience a legendary lifestyle of the erstwhile Maharajas on the Palace-on-Wheels and Heritage-on-Wheels.
Rajasthan happens to be the largest state of India with an area of 3.42 lac sq. kms. Rajasthan also boasts of being the only desert of the sub continent, namely the Great Indian Desert in combination with the Aravali mountain range. The development in all the aspects of life of the people of Rajasthan has not faded the charisma, color and charm a bit.
The land still speaks of the chivalry of its rulers; the palaces are evidence of the royalty that reigned for centuries. Rajasthan is the abode of the kings, that is, Raja's sthan (place).
Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation
The state tourist department is responsible for the access of the various travel network across the state, accommodating tourist and many other things.
Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation provides clean, decent and affordable accommodation in their chain of RTDC Hotels spread all over the state. Bookings could be made from RTDC offices or locally. There are four RTDC hotels in Jaipur. They are Gangaur, Teej, Swagatham and tourist Hotel.
Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.
Address Hotel Swagatham Campus
Near Railway Station, Jaipur 302 001
Tel. (91) (141) 202761/203531
(91) (141) 201045

RTDC is responsible for conducting various tours. One can book themselves to these tours by enrolling themselves to the array of tour packages.

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