Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rajasthan Temples Tour

Pap Mochini Temple, Pushkar
Towards the northen section of Pushkar is the Pap Mochini temple, not really popular for its architecture or deity but for the simple belief that anyone who kills a Brahmin will be purified of this deed by visiting the Hindu temple.
In the Northern section of Pushkar, the Pap Mochini Temple is located; pap in Sanskrit means 'sin' and mochini means 'absolving'. Pap Mochini Temple in Pushkar is presided by the deity Ekadashi Mata, believed to respite her followers from all cardinal sins. It was believed in ancient India that killing a Brahmin would mount to eternal punishment and the soul of the killer would be doomed forever.
There is no way to acquit oneself from this sin (of murdering a Brahmin, who is supposed to be in the highest in the pyramidal plane of the Hindu social structure), even if he does so unknowingly. Since it was the worst of all sins in ancient India, the people who committed the blunder of murdering Brahmins used to come to Pap Mochini Temple because it is believed that Goddess Ekadashi Mata is the only goddess on earth who can free her devotees from this catastrophe.
There is also a mythological association to this temple. Lord Krishna once cursed Ashwathama, a character in the Indian Epic, Mahabharata, to roam about in the earth for Three Thousand Years. In order to seek salvation, his soul comes to the Pap Mochini Temple in Rajasthan once in a year, and this time is suitable for prayer.
A panoramic view of this Temple in Pushkar can be observed from a little distance; on the left side is the Lake where the devotees take a sacred dip, whereas on the right side there is Sandy Mela Ground; it leads to the arid region Marwar, known as Marwar plateau.

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