Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rajasthan Museums & Art Galleries

Prachina Museum
It contains a fine collection of antique Rajput weaponry, jade handle daggers, camel hide dhals (shiedls) and inliad handguns and camel guns.
The state of Bikaner has always boasted of a glorious history coupled with an equally varied cultural fabric. Keeping this in mind, the daughter of the present Maharaja of Bikaner set up the Prachina Museum in October 2000. The museum is a sincere effort to recreate Bikaner's rich past and showcase it to the world. Ever since its inception, the Prachina Museum has always endeavored to revive the dying craft of Bikaner and amalgamate it to the present life.
As you tour the wonderful Prachina Museum, you will be treated to the wonderful sight of royal costumes, rich textiles, antiques, traditional crafts, carved wooden furniture, rugs, crockery and so on. In fact, each and every object on display harks back Bikaner's royal past that is sure to amaze many. Besides, you will also be able to feast your eyes on numerous decorative items and elaborately done portraits that occupy the pride of place at the Prachina Museum.
Apart from showcasing Bikaner's rich past, the Prachina Museum also gives you valuable information about the present Bikaner and how it has taken modernity and progress in its stride. Located quite close to the impressive Junagarh Fort, the Prachina Museum also offers a great platform to many local artists to showcase their work and get the acclaim they rightly deserve.
The Prachina Museum is a great way to view Bikaner at its past and present best. In fact, this juxtaposition is a very interesting way to know a city that has always managed to capture the hearts of many with its sheer variety and color. Enjoy this and more with Rajasthan Wildlife Tour.
Timing : 10 A. M. to 4.30 P.M.
Closed : Friday and gazetted holidays

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