Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rajasthan Museums & Art Galleries

Kota Government Museum
Kota is the industrial hub of Rajasthan & has an atomic power plant. It is situated on the banks of Chambal river & famous for its fort & dams. About Museum
Housed in the Brijvilas Palace near the Kishore Sagar, the museum displays a rich collection of rare coins, manuscripts and a representative selection of Hadoti sculpture. Especially noteworthy is an exquisitely sculptured statue brought here from Baroli.
The archaeological section of the museum consists of various sculptures, some dating back to the Gupta period(4th century).Sculptures worth mentioning are Shesh Sayi Vishnu from Badoli (Chittaurgarh), Jain image of Vardhaman from Baran and a dancing pair from Ramgarh. Some specimens and also displayed in this section. Yupa pillars from Badwa are very important specimens of 3rd century A. D. showing the popularity of Vedic rites. Coins of different dynasties can also be seen in this section.
The Painting section has several miniature paintings of Bundi, Kota, Nathdwara and Jaipur schools. Paintings of Shrimad Bhagawata of the early 17th century are most attractive from the point of view of workmanship.
Various Sanskrit manuscripts can be seen in the manuscript section. They include Vedic, Astronomical and Astrological works. Some Hindi manuscripts are also preserved. The Gita and the Bhagawata written in the minutest letters on paper scroll are worth mentioning from the calligraphic point of view. Apart from these arms, several kinds of handicrafts, costumes, etc., are also displayed in this section. A panoramic view of the cultural aspects of Kota region is available in this section through photographs, charts, maps etc

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