Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Introduction of Nathdwara

Its a renowned center of pilgrimage for the devotees of Krishna and Vishnu alike. Its a town totally devoted to Shrinathji. It provides a welcome respite from the searing heat of Rajasthan. The modest seized town is home to one the wealthiest temple in India. Its famous for its miniature paintings, jewellery, and above all its sweet. Life in the town revolves around the "Haveli" term used for all the temples of the "Pushti Marga". This is one of the most colourful sects within the devotional side of Hinduism. It also happens to be one of the few that do not advocate renunciation for spiritual growth. It is this worldly, practical and realistic view of life that lends itself to the colorfulness' of the sect.
Nathdwara at a Glance :-
General Information
Summer:Max 38.3 °C Min 28.8 °C
Winter:Max 28.3 °C Min 11.6 °C
Languages:Rajasthani, Hindi and English.

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