Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Introduction of Kota

The city of Kota is situated at a center of the southeastern region of Rajasthan a very region widely known as Hadaoli the land of the Hadas. Kota lies along the banks of the Chambal river. the historical places and temples are getting surrounded with signs of modern development. . Kota is on a high sloping tableland forming a part of the Malwa Plateau. The Mokandarra hills run from southeast to northwest axis of the town. It is 36 km from Bundi. The town of Kota was once the part of the erstwhile Rajput kingdom of Bundi. It became a separate princely state in the 17th century. Apart from the several monuments that reflect the erstwhile glory of the town, Kota is also known for its palaces and gardens.
Kota at a Glance :-
General Information
Area:193.58 sq km.
Altitude:251 mts
Temperature:Summer Max 42.6 °C Min 29.7 °C
Winter:Max 24.5 °C Min 11.6 °C
Rainfall:Average rainfall varies 88 cms
Languages:rajasthan, Hindi and English.

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