Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Introduction of Bikaner

Bikaner is situated on the north of Rajasthan. The city is surrounded by great walls, and dotted with many sand dunes. Bikaner retains the medieval splendour the prevades the city's lifestyle. More popularly called the camel country. the city is renowned for the best riding camels in the world. Bikaner is famous Carpet-weaving and blanker making center, also known for pottery making and the manufacture of sugar candy. Due to the geographic location of the city, it was one of the most important trade centers for the traders of west-central Asia.
Bikaner at a Glance :-
General Information
Area:38.10 sq km
Altitude:237 mts
Temperature:Summer Max 41º C Min 28º C
Winter:Max 23.2º C Min 5º C
Languages:Rajasthani, Hindi and English.
Rainfall:Average rainfall varies from 26 to 44 cms

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