Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Horse Safari

The land of royal dynasties and the Rajputs, the legends of Rajasthan is never complete without the stylish and charming horses. Once, the dignity of the Rajputs were believed to lie in the skill of horse riding.
Like Camel Safari, Horse Safari in Rajasthan is one of the best ways to experience the royal grandeur of Rajasthan during your travel. Known as the 'land of kings', fearless warriors and beautiful women, Rajasthan is also famous for its forts, palaces and temples which are a reminder of the glorious past. Kingdoms were carved and established by the Rajputs warriors on horseback, while swords were stained with enemy blood.
Horses were highly priced and a Rajput warrior would give anything to own a good horse. Great care was taken to breed horses and to keep a clean and pure lineage. The result of many years of dedication and hard work helped create breeds like the Marwari, Kathiawadi and the Sindhi, each having its own distinct characteristics and bred solely for the purpose of war. These horses were noted for their stamina and fierce loyalty to their masters.
Today, tourists on Rajasthan holiday can have the pleasure of riding through trails dotted and marked with cenotaphs and tombstones of many brave and valiant Rajput warriors. Trails which take them through villages, pass huge and ancient forts and temples. Nights can be spent in ancient palaces and Garhs (small forts) now owned by the descendants of those glorious Rajput rulers. These palaces not only provide modern amenities but cultural programmes and entertainment is also available. Evenings are spent at campsites which are splashed with colour in the form of local folk dance and music.
Before embarking on a horse safari in Rajasthan, tourists are advised to wear boots and a hard hat. Breeches or jeans are comfortable. Evenings are cold and pullovers and jackets are essential. During daytime the glare of the sun can be quite harsh, so sunglasses are advisable. So, if you are game to explore the Thar Desert and world's oldest mountain chains - the Aravalis - Rajasthan travel on horseback offers a great area for adventure activities.

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