Tuesday, February 2, 2010

History of Sariska

Once an ancient Rajput state formerly known as Mewat. the people of the state did not accept any external interference's and daringly resisted against foreign invasions. Pertaining to ancient sacred hindu stories of the Mahabhartha, it is said that Pandavas took shelters in this region in the years of their seclusion till they reached Viratnagar. In the medieval time Aurangzeb, the mughal emperor imprisoned his brother shikoh inside the fort. There are remains many jain and hindu temples in the park constructed between the 8th and 12th century AD. In the early 20th century Sariska was part of Alwar. this region has great flora and fauna. Sariska became a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1958. And in 1979 it was decided to make it a part of the Project Tiger and in the same year its status was enhanced to that of a national park.
Climate of Sariska :-
Summers have high temperature around 49° C. Due to high temperature the place become very hot. The monsoon is not marked by very heavy rainfall because of which the fall in temperature is not more than few degrees. whether however become very chilly in winters. The best month for watching Sariska is from November to June.

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