Tuesday, February 2, 2010

History of Mount Abu

Mount abu was the home of many saints and sages in the old days. Legend has it that all the 300 million gods and goddess of the Hindu used to visit the holy mountains. During the British rule in India it was the favorite summer destination of the British who came here to escape the dusty, dry heat of the plains particularly Rajasthan. Mount abu was once the part of the chauhan kingdom of rajasthan and served as a a summer resort for the Rajput kings. It was later leased to the British by the then Maharaja of Sirohi for use as the headquarters of the resident to Rajputana. Mount Abu served as a retreat to many sages and seers including the famous sage Vashistha. Mount Abu today is a Jain pilgrim centre. The magnificent Dilwara temple is the greatest attraction of Mount Abu and there are many more archaeological remains. There are various interesting treks and picnic spots close by.
Climate of Mount Abu :-
Mount abu has a very comfortable climate for a whole year. Because of the good climate mount abu can be visited all through the year. February to June are the pleasant time for visit mount abu.

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