Tuesday, February 2, 2010

History of Bharatpur

Bharatpur was founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733 AD, it was once an impregnable well fortified city, carved out of the region formerly known as Mewat. The place was named as Bharatpur after the name of 'Bharat', the brother of Lord Rama, whose other brother Laxman was worshipped as the family of the deity of the Bharatpur. The legend say the rulers Laxman's name is engraved on the state arms and the seal. the interesting aspect of Bharatpur history is the domination of jats in the region since 17th century.
Climate of Bharatpur :-
The best time to visit Bharatpur is in the month of October to April. During summers (April. June), the temperature ranges from 38°C to 45°C. The onset of monsoon (July. August) lowers the temperature to about 27°C. Winter (October. March) season peaks after Christmas with temperatures falling below 10°C. Ground fog in the winter persists rather erratically on unspecified periods in January.

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