Monday, February 8, 2010

Folk Music & dance of rajasthan

Folk Music is popular amongst the Tribal people of Rajasthan. Folk Music of Rajasthan arouse the desert in all moods.
The people of Rajasthan live life to the hilt. After hard work in the harsh desert sun and the rocky terrain whenever they take time off they let themselves go in gay abandon. There is dancing, singing, drama, devotional music and puppet shows and other community festivities which transform the hardworking Rajasthani into a fun-loving and carefree individual. Each region has its own folk entertainment, the dance styles differ as do the songs. Interestingly enough, even the musical instruments are different.
Of considerable significance are the devotional songs and the communities who render these songs. Professional performers like the Bhaats, Dholis, Mirasis, Nats, Bhopas and Bhands are omnipresent across the state. They are patronised by the villagers who participate actively in the shows put up by these travelling entertainers. Some of the better known forms of entertainment are:
Ghoomar Dance : This is basically a community dance for women and performed on. auspicious occasions. Derived from the word ghoomna, pirouette, this is a very simple dance where the ladies move gently, gracefully in circles.
Gait Ghoomar : This is one of the many dance-forms of the Bhil tribal. Performed during Holi festival, this is among a few performances where both men and women dance together.

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