Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tourism of sikar

Sakambari :
Sakambari is also a place surrounded by mountains from three sides. It has a temple and seven water kunds; it is also a good picnic spot for the tourists due to its prime location and calm weather.
Distance : It is 60 kms from Sikar.

Sikar :
Sikar city is the place where a tourist can get everything which they wanted to see, it has famous temples, the fort of King Raw Raja, the exotic and beautiful gardens, the Sikar museum where they can see the ancient idols, statues and other articles of ancient importance that lay scattered all over Sikar district.

Other Important Places to see :

* Rewasa Dhaam : 4 kms from Sikar.
* Sanwali : 5 kms from Sikar.
* Salasar : 50 kms from Sikar.
* Ranisati : 67 kms from Sikar.
* Churu : 85 kms from Sikar.

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