Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sanwariyaji Temple (Lord Krishna Temple)

It is a famous temple of Lord Krishna and an important pilgrimage spot. The Temple is located on the Chittorgarh - Udaipur road.

The Sanwariya ji temple is recently renovated and beautifully builds with glasses.

The temple is especially famous among Opium Farmers. The temple is also famous due to the huge donation it recieves from hundreds of visitors every day.

Opium is legally grown in India and exported to the Pharmaceutical industry worldwide to manufacture Morphine-based pain-killers. Rajasthan is the main region for legal opium cultivation in the world and India is the largest legal exporter, with about 58% of the market

Daily buses are available from various surrounding cities like Chittorgarh, Nimbahera, Mandsor etc.

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