Saturday, January 30, 2010

4-yr-old boy falls into borewell, rescue operation on

JAIPUR: In yet another borewell tragedy, a four-year-old boy fell into a 250-ft borewell while he was playing near it in Piploond village of
Jahazpur district in Bhilwara on Thursday.
The incident came to light when the family members of the boy spotted him in borewell. Soon the district administration and police were informed about the incident, following which earthmoving machine was called to the spot and the rescue operation was launched in full.
Bhilwara police said that the boy, Pankaj, fell into the 250-ft borewell and was stuck about 20-22 feet down in the borewell. A team of doctors and medical staff and police and administrative officials rushed to the spot soon after the incident came to light.
The rescue team said that they were facing difficulty in rescue operation due to lack of visibility and efforts are on to make the arrangement of lighting. At the same time, all precautions are being taken that the position of the victim is not affected otherwise he might slip further down into the borewell.
Earlier in November last year, a four-year-old boy Sahil had fallen into a borewell in Shahpura town of Jaipur district. He could not be saved despite efforts by the rescue team for many days.


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